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Outdoor Advertisement is one of the most cost effective, colourful and eye catching method to take one’s product to the general public

Companies, big and small, leave no stone unturned to penetrate and capture their markets by choosing the most pocket friendly and effective marketing tool such as Outdoor Advertising. Since Outdoor Advertising helps the business owner to take his product specifications and attributes to the customer’s door step in a cost-effective way, it is undoubtedly the best mode of Advertisement for all types of products ranging from cars to clothing. Researches show that Outdoor Advertising plays a major role in helping to decide on purchasing products. Needless to mention, Outdoor Advertising generates significant no. of employment, both direct and indirect, in the unorganized and organized sector

Outdoor Advertisements is widely used by industries like Entertainment and Amusement, Hotels, Restaurants, Resorts, Travel and Tourism, Telecommunications, Automobile, Food, Textiles etc.,

Loyal Ads which was incepted in the year 1999 has been delivering ‘on time’ and ‘high quality’ advertisements of all types and sizes with the best price available in the market since its inception. We specialize in Outdoor Advertisement of all types including vehicle based advertisement, hydrogen balloons, bill boards, hoarders, banners which top quality material which helps our customers provide the maximum visibility for our customer’s products

Thiru. Ponnappan Venkatachalam, the founder of Loyal Ads (P) Ltd with more than fourteen years of experience in the industry has been a key driving force behind the robust growth of Loyal Ads creating milestones after milestones. With a creative mind and deep knowledge in the advertisement business, Thiru. Ponnappan has been in the helm of affairs driving and directing the Outdoor Advertisement industry across Tamil Nadu and beyond. He has created a work environment which nourishes talent, promotes creativity and attracts the best talent from the industry

The work force in Loyal Ads is one of the best in the country – highly motivated, talented, inquisitive and hardworking who can bring the best advertisement content for its customers with top quality output any time and every time. This team of powerful creative hunks are creating waves in the corporate and retailing industry all over the State of Tamil Nadu

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